Wieniec Bożonarodzeniowy Christmas Wreath

Quilled Christmas Card

Christmas Wreath

A simple and effective Christmas wreath which you can make in an hour.
Christmas Wreath / Wieniec Bożonarodzeniowy
To make the wreath you will need:

1. A wreath base (I bought one made with hay).

2. Pine branches.

3. Holly branches.

4. Pine cones.

5. Black string.

6. A few decorative pins with golden heads.

7. A hot glue gun.

8. A pair of scissors.

Start wrapping the base of the wreath with the pine branches, securing them with some string. Next glue some holly on the top half of the wreath leaving space in the middle for the pine cones. Then glue some pine cones and finish off by sticking a few decorative pins inbetween holly branches. Now your wreath is ready to hang on the door.

If you are looking for more free wreaths designs check the AllFreeHolidayCrafts where you will also find a link to this post.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wreath / Wieniec Bożonarodzeniowy
Christmas wreath.