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Hello stanger, welcome to my blog!

My name is Iwona Bristow, happily married mum of two cats, with a baby boy on the way. Since I was little I’ve enjoyed crafting. I started with crocheting and in time I learned new things, like knitting, quilling and all sorts of other things.

When I discover a new craft or technique I’m keen to learn it (not always successfully), and then use it in daily life. That's why on this blog I’ll show you some of the useful projects I’ve done, like clothing, birthday cards and home decorations.

Check out different crafty projects using techniques from knitting, crocheting, paper art, quilling and other DIYs. There is also a crochet stitch library that is growing larger all the time.

You can also have a look at a section for my drawing and painting projects, that will have content added to it soon.

Maybe you can find something for yourself.
Come visit again soon!
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